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so much shouting

so much laughter

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this is who i am, what i do what i say
if you like it let it be, if you dont please do the same

check out 6degrees_of_sep, because I made it and hope to start updating it again. It's fun. It's about playing six degrees of seperation. If you like movies and stuff, it's kinda cool.
go check out pin_up_dolls.
i made it, even if i dont do anything for it anymore

became friends only when
a. my mom found out i smoked through my journal (how random is that?!)
b. i realized just how stupid anonymous people on the internet can be
c. i learned to regret introducing some people to the journaling community.
so comment and ask and all that and so forth

john cusack is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

the 80s are love
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i had way too much fun with the islove generator.
sex is love
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eyes are love
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especially | these ....

intelligence is love
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personality is love
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If you want to know my opinion on movies, check out too_many_movies. it's updated regularly.

~no pants half hour is the shit~
(image has been blurred to protect the tanked)
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